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Coder, Designer, Mapper, Data Enthusiast


Hi! My name is Jon.

I've always had a fascination with art and science -- the creative and the technical; abstraction and purpose; expressiveness and usability.

So I concentrate on areas where these domains converge: interface design, web development, and data visualization. But I am fortunate to have found inspiration all around me while working on all kinds of projects.

Recently I decided to make a change, so I am currently taking some time to travel and explore. So I've switched to freelance developer mode. Not sure yet where I'll end up.


Tools & Methods

As they say, the web is constantly evolving. And I can't pretend to keep up with it all. But I too evolve -- seeking new forms, new tools, new solutions. My perfectionist nature means that I usually gravitate towards open source technologies that allow me to tweak and customize, and they're usually more fun too.

Frameworks and Toolkits, Framekits and Toolworks

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Crossfiltering Hawai‘i Campaign Finance Data

Inspired by coverage of the lack of transparency in Hawaiian political money (Civil Beat), I found my way to data on on political spending, campaign contributions and financial disclosures. Then I started building a tool with Crossfilter to quickly get a sense of who are the big players in Hawai‘i politics and just how much money is involved.
Project Link
Methods: d3, crossfilter, dc.js
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Hanalei Tide and Moon Calendar

While at PMNM, this involved a dual effort of graphic work on the main calendar layout, and then I used d3 to render the month grids and exported to PDF for print. Fish gonads!
Calendar info & PDF
Methods: d3, InDesign
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Other PMNM Projects

A few of the public-facing projects I've worked on at PMNM.
Interactive Kiosks
Designed and developed a few different interactive kiosks for the visitor center in Hilo, HI.
Designed and developed this site to showcase some of the products we have created at PMNM's Data Team.
Methods: d3, leaflet, dojo
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Battle of Midway

Another PMNM project, designed and built a commemorative site for the WWII Battle of Midway, with a simple interactive timeline and a lot of Dojo. It has some excellent content supplied in-house and features some impressive public domain imagery.
Methods: dojo
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Project Archive

Former projects and clients. Many of these web sites have changed significantly since my contribution.


Right now I am on a big adventure.
I'll let you know where I land.
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